Running your own business just got less intimidating.


You don't have to have it all figured out, and you don't have to do it by yourself! Join the most supportive small business group on the internet.

The Encouraging Entrepreneurs Membership offers hands-on support and the ultimate welcoming community for sensitive solopreneurs.

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The Encouraging Entrepreneurs Membership

is an online community for sensitive and ambitious freelancers and solopreneurs, run by pros who believe your business should work for you and not the other way around. There are so many "right" ways to run a business- what's right for *you*? 

Every time you meet with us you'll leave feeling inspired and more confident in the direction you're headed.

Business Goals + Mental Health

One of our biggest priorities as a group is to help you take care of your mental health as a business owner. (We're in this for the long haul, right?) We have both a licensed therapist and a habits expert who lead workshops every month, covering how to set goals, build good habits, establish boundaries, and take care of *you.*

Our goal is to be your super safe space on the internet where you can truly be yourself (no faking it to make it!) Ask real questions and connect with other business owners who process things the same way you do.

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Donna Fischer, Terrace Market Designs

"Encouraging Entrepreneurs has been a huge catapult for my business.

Tricia has a unique way of understanding just what I need. She has helped me further my business way beyond what I was able to do on my own, and I only see more growth in my future.

The support from other fellow entrepreneurs has been priceless."

Daniel Tuttel, Hustle Podcasting

"Tricia and EE helped break down the building of my business into a less stressful, step by step guided process, which gave me so much more confidence in each aspect of my business.

The support and love I've received in this community has helped me feel less alone in my doubts and fears, while also developing my confidence, to the point that I signed two clients even before my official launch."

Katie Miles, Habitbetter

"Working with Tricia has been one of the best investments we made as a business.

Since we started meeting with her we have seen direction in our business and growth in our confidence.

She is such a joy to meet with. After meeting with her, you feel ready, confident, and motivated, where you once felt uncertain, lost and stuck."

Welcoming Community

Connect with other sensitive solopreneurs! Ask allll of your real questions & get feedback- no embarrassment. 

Regular Biz Education

Weekly lessons covering topics from branding to systems to sales, plus access to past lessons & resources.

In-Depth Workshops

In-depth talks from guest experts every month, plus 2 group planning workshops to really keep you on track.

Mental Health & Good Habits

Monthly talks from both a therapist and habits expert, plus a free subscription to the brand new Habitbetter app.

πŸ›‘  Is this you?

→  You're regularly feeling overwhelmed in your business, and with the amount of business education out there it's so hard to tell what will work for you

→  You keep getting stuck, where you're not sure what to do next or what to prioritize

→  Other online business groups are super intimidating and you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you're not

→  Marketing and sales feel *so* draining and you dread having to show up

→  You need business friends! You're craving the feedback, motivation, and accountability that you just can't get from your friends that don't also live the #smallbizlife


✨ EE will help you:

βœ”οΈ  Have a place to go when you need to bounce ideas, get feedback, share frustrations, or celebrate a win

βœ”οΈ  Keep moving forward with gentle accountability, clearly focused on what to do next

βœ”οΈ  Improve your daily habits and mental health

βœ”οΈ  Learn more about yourself: find your strengths and write your story

βœ”οΈ  Feel like you're not alone in your business (you may even find a bestie, collaborators, or clients!)

βœ”οΈ  Get the confidence to face the parts of your business you've been avoiding and try new things

πŸ‘©‍πŸ’»  Meet your new coach

Hey friend, I'm Tricia Chinnici. I'm a brand strategist and designer turned enthusiastic business coach. I've worked with small businesses for over 9 years, helping to create brands that have attracted huge opportunities- including sold out launches, big partnerships, and exciting PR opportunities.

I'm going to be honest- when I was first starting my business, I didn't identify with 95% of the business coaching out there. As a highly sensitive person and an empath, I was not about that hustle and grind culture. I didn't feel like I fit in in other business groups, or like I was truly getting the support I needed.

I knew I had to create this membership after finally meeting other sensitive solopreneurs and hearing that I wasn't alone! And you aren't either.

Get regular support and advice from other business owners who process things the way you do. No sales pushes. No pressure to push past your limits. No faking it. We're working to make our sensitivity a superpower in our businesses, and can help you do the same. We'd love for you to join us.

So what do you think, friend?

Are you ready to overcome the mindset blocks and start looking forward to working on your business? Join us!

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